How to Remove the iPhone 5 Battery

  • Cell phone batteries slowly degrade over time, no exception with the iPhone. This guide will teach you how to remove your iPhone5’s battery for a repairing work.

    Step 1 – Open the iPhone

    • You need to remove the screws at the bottom of the phone with a 5-point pentalobe screwdriver.
    • With a Small suction cup lift the screen.
    • Do not remove the screen at this moment, there are some cables that you need to unplug.


    Step 2 – Unplug screen cable

    • Remove these 3 #00 Philips screws and lift the aluminium cover.
    • With the spudger, unplug the connector carefully and lift the screen.


    Step 3 – Remove the Battey

    • Remove this (another) 3 #00 Philips screws securing the battery connector.
    • With the spudger, lift the battery conector from its socket.
    • With the help of the tab “Authorized service provider only” and a spudger, lift the battery.
    • The battery has mild adhesive, so don’t pull it with excessive strong, remove it slowly.
    • When reassembling, it isn’t necessary to reapply new glue.


    Now the battery is successfully removed. To reassemble your device, just follow these instructions in reverse order.

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